Konzert mit René Lacko - unplugged   (Samstag, 13. April 2013)


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BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, J.Page to name a few.


• 1989
He finished school as a car mechanic and had learnt his musical skiils from his father and impact on him had J.H., J.Page and E. Clapton

• 1990
René Lacko meets Mário Nagy in local coal company in Handlová where they worked until the year 2001

• 1990-1991
He takes lessons with Dan Morvay on jazz guitare and is advanced musician on play on guitare

• 1990
René together with Martin Máèek established a hardrock band, bas Slavo Sršeò. It was Led Zeppelin like.

• 1993
A new album came out. The name of the album was Jolly Joker and was specially produced for a music company Opus in a Slovak language.

• 1995
Big Bang have split up.

• 1996
René meets a man called Miro Dvorský in his music studio in Lamaè and records Jimmy Hendrix´songs in Rene´s interpretation. They decided to send these songs to U.S. to a singers´s competition and this was the first time when René starts singing.

• October 1996
René Lacko attended a competition in North Carolina. It was competition in interpreting J. Hendrix songs and René got a second place and a title of the best European. This special event is organized by J. H. family every year.

• 1997
Milan Èí× and René Lacko starts their co-operation. Milan Èí× has been Rene's personnal guitar-maker for many years and has also studied and worked with the famous John Reutter in Arizona for almost two years.

• 1995-1998
Impact of Stevie Ray Vaughan - RL turn into blues-rock style - René Band arose, basguitare - Milan Golha and drums Mário Nagy.

• 1998
Milan Golha leaves the band and he is replaced by Jozef Bobu¾a who leaves the band latter on for the USA. The name of the band is being changed from René Band to René & Downtown.

• 1999
René Lacko features every so often in the band called Blues Rock Cirkus which belongs to Miro Dvorský.

• 1999
Unplugged concerts with Jozef Engerer.

• 1999-2002
Milan Golha returned back to René and Downtown and they play in different clubs this time in Germany. René meets James Matthias Baumgdt and his band O Colors. René and his band were Mick Taylor's pregroup in Bratislava.

• Oktober 2001
Dowtown makes theirs first official album in studio Ebony in the capital. The name of the album is " Freedom is my way". This album was special as René and the band had five own titles and compositions on it.

• 2001
René Lacko makes his living from a music. He starts his career as a singer.

• 2001
René Lacko featured at Memorial evening SRV which was placed in Budapest. There was made a video and a CD on which he had two songs. He also meets Zsolt Benko there.

• 2002
Downtown and René recorded album Shake a Leg, their own music.,jam.

• 2002
The Freemans band guest.

• 2003
Milan Golha is being replaced as he leaves, by Martin Oulehle and keyboard player Peter Dobrota plays with them from time to time.

René is planning to record a Tribute to J. Hendrix

• 2005
Actual members from April: Milan Golha - bassguitar and Peter Goruša - drums.

• 2006
Actual members from end of October: Martin Oulehle - bassguitar and Peter Goruša - drums.


René belongs to thereby exceptional appearance on Slovak blues scene. His splended play on electric guitare recognised not only in blues cradle in U.S.A. This combination works under sign Downtown Band. In their repertoire dominate compositions of: S.R.Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, as well as blues-rock evergreens from a writter Buddy Guy, J.J.Cale, Chuck Berry, or trio Stray Cats. with Peter Lipa and Silvia Josifoska in club Metro with Henri Toth


René Lacko attended a competition in North Carolina. It was competition in interpreting J. Hendrix songs and René got a second place and a title of the best European. This special event is organized by J. H. family every year.